The Dove & The Crow

I played bass for this Brooklyn country band for a few months, but we never played out. Here are a few practice recordings. The rest of the band was Naomi Clark on drums, Elana Redfield on steel guitar and vocals, Dan Doty on guitar and vocals and Donna Lichaw on guitar.



Japan Seoul

I played bass in this band with Music for Girls guitarist Jason Paul for a few months after that band broke up. I can’t remember the other dudes all too well. They kicked me out for another bass player but we played a few shows. Here’s two songs from our first show at the Parkside Lounge in NYC.



Music For Girls

I played bass in this band for about a year. Other members were Jason Paul on guitar, Wendy Chin on vocals, Cil Song on drums, Evelyn Lee on synth. We played a few shows (including a memorably awful one two days before my wedding) and recorded a pretty good album, which you can listen to on Spotify here or Rdio below.



The Ballet

I was in a band with longtime friends Leela Corman and Jon Lewis for a while, along with Douglas Wolk and a rotating array of drummers. We had good practices but never played out. Here are some of the songs we did.



Home Recordings

In November of 2004 I participated in Douglas Wolk’s National Solo Album Month project, the goal of which was to record original songs (plus one cover) at least as long as the first Ramones album in the space of one month. I came up a bit short. These songs are sloppy, fuzzy synth-pop sketches, some of which hold up and some of which don’t.



Seeing Your Name

Home recording made in 1998. The only one surviving from that period.




I was in this improvisational two-piece with the brilliant Max Wehnert for a few years before I left Seattle. Typically I would play whatever instrument was handy and he would sing whatever came to mind. We played live at coffeeshops and once almost opened for the Sun City Girls, which would have been awesome. I’m working on archiving whatever surviving recordings I can find.



The Security Squid

I was in this band with Jon Lewis and Dave Nothing, two of my housemates, in Seattle. I have the rest of our songs on a cassette tape I have to digitize, but this one is pretty good. We never played out, in part because I was underage.