25: Dragon Worrier

Typos are embarrassing, but in this case it’s extra-bad, as this poor kid who just wanted to be a brave knight of the round table or something instead found himself on the bad end of Amber’s insatiable curiosity. No sex, no curse words, no religious bashing – this may be the cleanest Amber log ever, and also one of the funniest.

dragon_worrier2001: hi
a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r: Hello!
a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r: Do you worry a lot?
dragon_worrier2001: no why
a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r: So you don’t worry about dragons?
dragon_worrier2001: i was writing it in the dark
a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r: I don’t get it
dragon_worrier2001: nm
a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r: Dragons are a very real worry in this day and age!
dragon_worrier2001: sorry its just to many people do that
a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r: Too many people are concerned about dragons?
dragon_worrier2001: nm
dragon_worrier2001: i wanted to say u look so cute in your pic
a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r: Thank you! If you were to worry about a dragon, what kind would worry you the most?
dragon_worrier2001: ok its not funny ok
dragon_worrier2001: dragon warrier is what i wanted it to be
a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r: Warrier?
dragon_worrier2001: nm
a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r: I am a worrier about balrogs and orcs more.
dragon_worrier2001: …..
a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r: California is very dangerous.
dragon_worrier2001: ok cant we change subjects
a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r: Sure!
dragon_worrier2001: so how are u
a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r: I am worried.
dragon_worrier2001: u find this funny dont u
a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r: No, I am just a very concerned person.
dragon_worrier2001: so your profile says u are single are u still?
a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r: Of course. My last boyfriend was killed fighting a dragon…
dragon_worrier2001: if u are just going to make jokes then ill leave
a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r: No, no!
a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r: Let’s talk some more.
dragon_worrier2001: ok
dragon_worrier2001: so are u single?
dragon_worrier2001: say anything about a dragon and im leaving
a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r: I am single.
dragon_worrier2001: ok
dragon_worrier2001: do u only have the pic in your profile or do u have others?
a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r: Only that picture. The others were eaten by a dragon.
a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r: I mean a dog.
dragon_worrier2001: ok bye
a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r: What? You said dragons, not dogs!
dragon_worrier2001: but u said dragon first!
a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r: No, I said dog – my fingers slipped on the keyboard.
dragon_worrier2001: ok fine
a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r: I don’t have any more pics.
dragon_worrier2001: ok
dragon_worrier2001: well the one u have is soooooo cute!
a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r: Thank you!
dragon_worrier2001: any time
a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r: Do you know what’s on my shirt?
dragon_worrier2001: no
a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r: Guess!
dragon_worrier2001: a dragon
a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r: NO! I thought you weren’t worried about dragons but you seem to be obsessed with them!
dragon_worrier2001: i was guessin
dragon_worrier2001: dang
a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r: Jesus, you really are worried.
dragon_worrier2001: no im not
a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r: You seem a little nervous.
dragon_worrier2001: im not
a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r: Are you afraid that I might be a dragon?
a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r: Don’t worry, dragon worrier!
dragon_worrier2001: i want to talk with u
dragon_worrier2001: is that ok?
a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r: About dragons?
dragon_worrier2001: no
a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r: About worrying?
dragon_worrier2001: no!
a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r: About dragons?
dragon_worrier2001: no!
a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r: About dragons?
dragon_worrier2001: do u want me to leave or something!?
a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r: About what then?
dragon_worrier2001: i want to get to know u better u know be your friend
a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r: It’s hard for me to be friends with somebody who worries so much.
dragon_worrier2001: do u hate me or something
dragon_worrier2001: ok fine ill go
a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r: No, I am concerned about you.
dragon_worrier2001: then what
a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r: I want you to get over your dragon problem.
a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r: Have you seen a therapist?
dragon_worrier2001: i dont have any
a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r: You should see a therapist.
dragon_worrier2001: ….
a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r: They can help you get over your dragon problem.
dragon_worrier2001: would u stop that!
a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r: I am trying to challenge you into facing your problem.
dragon_worrier2001: i dont have a problem!
a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r: Obviously you do because you get so worried when anyone mentions dragons!
dragon_worrier2001: do u want me to go or not?
a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r: No!
dragon_worrier2001: ok
a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r: I just want to help you get to the root of your problem.
dragon_worrier2001: i dont have a problem ok
a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r: Were you scared by a dragon when you were very small?
dragon_worrier2001: no!
a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r: Were your parents killed by a dragon?
dragon_worrier2001: no!
a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r: So what are you so worried about?
dragon_worrier2001: nuthing
a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r: Except for dragons.
dragon_worrier2001: no
a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r: So – when was the first time you worried?
dragon_worrier2001: would u stop
a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r: Once we solve your problem I will
dragon_worrier2001: i dont have a problem
dragon_worrier2001: do u find all this funny?
a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r: no!
dragon_worrier2001: i think u do
a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r: I worry about you!
a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r: Maybe I should change my name to dragon_worrier2001_worrier!

dragon_worrier2001 has disconnected.